Which Types of Problems Do Veneers Help with Most?

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi
Which Types of Problems Do Veneers Help with Most?When people think of veneers, they often think of movie stars who want perfect teeth for photographs and movie sets. However, veneers can be used for lots of different problems with adult teeth. Through the use of veneers, adults can ensure their smiles will last for many years to come.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers act a lot like nail polish that you might get at a nail salon. Veneers are designed to fit over the teeth like a thin shell to cover and protect damaged teeth from further damage. Each set of veneers, like each smile, is custom made by us when you come into the office. Veneers are made from resin or porcelain. Porcelain veneers resist staining and last longer than resin veneers.

What Are Veneers Used For?

Veneers can be used to cover teeth that have been discolored due to an accident or because of drug treatment. They can also be used to fix chipped or broken teeth as well. Another reason we use veneers is to fix teeth that are irregularly shaped or deformed, or that have gaps. Veneers create an instant uniform look for teeth.

Veneers are used when adults have multiple issues with their teeth. For example, veneers can cover a whole set of teeth that are discolored because of medicines used in chemotherapy. Sometimes, medications used in chemotherapy or in other treatments can turn teeth gray or black. Veneers can instantly restore the look of healthy white teeth.

Maybe you have teeth that aren't shaped correctly, or have been chipped or broken. You may have discolored teeth from medication—even medication that was used to save your life. We can help you find your smile again through the use of veneers to restore your teeth. Why not give us a call?

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