Periodontal Disease, Heart Disease, and Stroke
Fountain Valley, CA

Couple smiling after getting periodontal disease treatments at Bijan Family Dental Practice in Fountain Valley, CAPeriodontal disease, also often referred to as gum disease, is a serious oral health issue that affects your gums, your teeth, your periodontal ligaments, and your jawbone. Periodontal disease forms as a result of a bacterial infection. Plaque and bacteria build up in your mouth, causing your gums to become irritated. This irritation triggers an inflammatory response from your immune system, which leads to swelling. Periodontal pockets form, allowing bacteria to fall below your gum line. As the bacteria continue to attack your gums, they also begin attacking the supporting structures of your teeth, compromising their stability. Periodontal disease does more than affect your oral health. It can also affect your heart health, leading to heart disease and stroke. At Bijan Family Dental Practice, we can help to stop the progression of periodontal disease, reducing your risk for these issues and protecting your oral and whole-body health.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

There are numerous symptoms that can point toward periodontal disease. The symptoms you experience depend heavily upon how advanced your condition has become. Common symptoms of periodontal disease include
•  Gums that are red and swollen. These symptoms, in addition to bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth, are often the earliest indicators of periodontal disease. They are also the symptoms most often overlooked.
•  Gum recession. Your teeth look longer, spaces appear between your teeth, and your teeth become sensitive due to root exposure.
•  Chronic bad breath.
•  Loose teeth.
•  Tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease, Heart Disease, and Stroke

Periodontal disease is commonly thought to be a condition that only affects your oral health. However, when you have periodontal disease, the bacteria that travel below your gum line can get into your bloodstream Once there, they travel throughout your body, causing inflammation everywhere they go. Your blood vessels become narrower, which can lead to clogged arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis. Inside the heart, bacteria can lead to an infection known as endocarditis. Clogged arteries, particularly those in your neck, can restrict blood flow to your brain. This lack of blood flow to your brain can trigger a stroke.

Undergoing Dental Treatment with Heart Conditions

When you have periodontal disease, getting treatment right away is imperative, not just for your oral health, but for protecting your heart health as well. If you have heart disease, however, it is important that you disclose this information before undergoing any type of dental treatment. In some cases, depending upon the type of procedure being performed, you may require antibiotics before getting your necessary care. Antibiotics may be recommended if you have had endocarditis in the past or if you were born with certain heart conditions. These antibiotics are essential for preventing infections during your dental treatment.

Preventing Periodontal Disease and Maintaining Your Heart Health

Taking steps to prevent periodontal disease is essential for maintaining your oral health and the health of your heart. It is important that you brush and floss your teeth every day and have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined every six months. At the first sign of any oral health issues, seek treatment immediately. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can help to keep your mouth, and your heart, healthy.

Taking care of your mouth is essential not just for maintaining your oral health, but for maintaining your heart health as well. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call Bijan Family Dental Practice at (714) 421-4494 today.

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At Bijan Family Dental Practice, we can help to stop the progression of periodontal disease, reducing your risk for heart disease and stroke. Click here to learn more!
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