Length of Recovery Process for Implants
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Image of a person recovering after dental implant procedure, at Bijan Family Dental Practice in Fountain Valley, CA. Are you thinking of getting a new smile? Dental implants could be a fantastic choice for you. If you have any dental problems, dental implants are a fantastic method to have a gorgeous smile. Dental implants require more time to heal than the majority of dental repairs. Dental implants may last a lifetime and are a safe, reliable solution to replace lost teeth. Compared to other solutions, they are easier to maintain and more aesthetically beautiful. The installation and healing of the implant, which requires surgery, takes up most of the recuperation period.

At Bijan Family Dental Practice our doctors Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi and will guide you through the dental implant placement and will recommend a maintenance regime to make sure you don't have any issues after the dental implant procedure.

Recovery Time After Getting Dental Implants

Four to six months are required to recover after the implant insertion procedure. Your implants will merge with your jawbone, and the gum tissue will mend throughout this period. The majority of patients may resume their jobs the day after implant surgery. Your physical activities and food will be limited, but you may resume your usual routine after about a month. It is important to remember that everyone recovers at their own rate, so it's crucial to remember that while most individuals recover entirely within six months, you could require more extended healing time if you have any mitigating health conditions.

Dental Implant Pain Management

The majority of implant-related discomfort may be treated with over-the-counter medicines. As soon as you see the effects of the local anesthetic wearing off, you can start taking them. You can use the prescription painkillers your oral surgeon has recommended if the pain is more intense. Follow your oral surgeon's guidance when using any drugs.

Diet Post Dental Implant

It would help if you started eating soft foods right after the anesthesia wears off. Avoid chewing on the surgery site immediately. You can start eating normally again as soon as you're ready. Please continue to eat healthily and drink plenty of water; doing so will hasten the healing process. You can gradually reintroduce average food to your diet, but you should refrain from consuming anything harsh, complex, or difficult to chew for a few days. It would help if you made these little modifications while recovering so that you may consume what you need without endangering your gums. This information can also be found on your dentist's Dental Implant FAQ page.

Hygiene Post Dental Implant

After implant surgery, some mild bleeding is normal. After surgery, it often goes away fast and stops in an hour or two. A small amount of bleeding is typical and might last for many hours. Upper implants may occasionally bring on some nasal bleeding. This is typical and will end shortly. To help you maintain healthy gums, the dentist could give you a medicated rinse. Otherwise, swish warm salt water around in your mouth. Brush your remaining teeth, as usual, being careful not to hurt your gums.
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