Dental Implant Placement
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Image of dental implant placement at Bijan Family Dental Practice in Fountain Valley, CA. If you have missing teeth, you are likely weighing the various tooth replacement options. Opting for a dental implant procedure can be a fantastic way of restoring your smile. At Bijan Family Dental Practice we will provide you with the dental care you need.

Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

During the dental implant procedure, your doctor will work with your gums; they should be healthy if the procedure is to succeed. If you are dealing with gum issues like periodontal disease and gingivitis, your dentist can help you deal with those before the procedure.

Your jawbone should also be strong and dense enough to support the implant. This is because the implant is anchored on your jaw. If you have suffered bone loss, you can still get an implant, but your doctor will have to first undertake a grafting procedure to strengthen your bone.

For your dental implant to be successful, you will also need to commit to good oral hygiene. Routine dental appointments and avoiding tobacco use is essential to ensure your implants remain in great shape.

What Should You Expect During the Dental Implant Procedure?

The process of placing an implant is multi-stage; it can take several months. Your doctor will first evaluate your gums, jawbone, and teeth to ensure they are healthy enough for the procedure. If your jawbone isn’t robust enough, you will need a grafting procedure to rebuild it before getting dental implants.Your doctor will then place the implant in or on your jawbone. If yours is an endosteal implant, your doctor will drill into your jawbone to insert the implant post. Conversely, with a subperiosteal implant, the post will stay above or on the bone.

Once the post is placed, the bone will grow and attach to the implant post thanks to osseointegration. This will keep the implant post firmly in place, making it an effective root for the artificial tooth. An abutment will then be attached to your dental implant post. An abutment is either attached during the first surgical procedure or during a second minor surgical procedure. Once you’ve healed, your doctor will attach a replacement tooth to the abutment.

How Much Does Dental Implant Placement Cost?

The cost varies based on the complexity of each procedure, as well as how many teeth are being replaced. Your dentists will provide you with an estimate before treatment.

Should You Get a Full Implant Instead of Bridges or Dentures?

If you want to replace multiple teeth, you should consider the full mouth implant option. With this procedure, you can either have six implants for each arch or four for each arch. With both, you can get either a fixed bridge that’s implanted into place or a removable denture that fits into the implants.

When to Consult Your Dentist

If you’ve lost teeth due to infection or injury and you want to replace them, you should consult your dentist about the teeth replacement option that best suits you. When you have missing teeth, your existing teeth can shift into the gap left by the missing teeth and this can consequently alter the shape of your face or jaw. For a dental implant procedure that will improve your smile and overall well-being, call Bijan Family Dental Practice at (714) 421-4494 today.
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At Bijan Family Dental Practice we will provide you with the dental care you need. One service we offer includes dental implant placement. Give us a call today!
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