Understanding Why an Extraction is Only the Last Resort

Posted on 9/25/2019 by Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi
Understanding Why an Extraction is Only the Last ResortWhen it comes to having a tooth extracted it should be the last resort. There are many problems after the surgery that can happen. There are many dentists out there that may jump the gun on what to do when a decayed tooth is causing problems.

Perhaps they are simply running a very busy office, or they don't feel comfortable with the procedures needed to save the tooth, so for them, an extraction is the best plan. Always get a second opinion with surgery like an extraction. It can mean a world of difference for your smile and some other areas we will cover here.

What Can Happen To Your Mouth After An Extraction?

After extraction, the teeth remaining can become misaligned leading to a bad bite. That can cause further damage to the remaining teeth. This can be prevented, but be prepared for more dental work, like a dental implant or sometimes a bridge can be built between the teeth. Dentures can be an option as well.

Some people who have their molars removed can have a bite collapse. The muscles start to contract oddly. Removing a tooth can sometimes cause injury to the nerves. This can cause numbness or tingling for years. Other possibilities include a dry socket and many other side effects from the post-surgery medications.

Why Have a Tooth Extracted

You may be someone who was born with extra teeth. As you got older, they began to push on other teeth causing problems. There are cases with baby teeth not falling out on their own. If you are getting braces, there may be a need to remove a tooth so that your teeth will move into place correctly.

Wisdom teeth are commonly removed because they can compress and misalign your other teeth. Lastly, there are certain medications people can take for cancer and other ailments that cause the teeth to weaken and decay to the point they have to be removed.

Sometimes having a tooth removed is the best course of action. Make sure you are fully informed of all the options before moving forward with the procedure. It should always be a last resort. Getting a second opinion from another dentist is recommended. Our office is available to help. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to us. If you find yourself looking at extraction, we are happy to have a look and make a recommendation.

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