What Foods Stain Your Teeth Most?

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi
What Foods Stain Your Teeth Most?If your teeth are any other color than white, you're probably wondering which foods the culprit are, and why this happens. Your teeth are very porous and easily soak up discoloration, especially from dyed and pigmented meals. Here are some snacks you should avoid to spare your teeth from unattractive and challenging stains.

Flashy Feasts
These delicious foods can cause some embarrassing stains! Popsicles, blueberries, and grapes will all leave your teeth vividly speckled in a flashy display of colors, which can be difficult to remove if you are away from your brush. You should also know that soy sauce, vinaigrettes, and tomato pastes can cause dark staining.

Certain exotic foods, such as curry or saffron-infused rice, are also noteworthy stainers, due to the heavy use of rich seasoning that also impart a deep, lasting pigment. If it looks like it'd take professional help to get out of your carpet or counters if it spilled, you probably should reconsider putting them on your teeth!

Dye-It Drinks
The main offenders to avoid often come in a liquid form. Topping the list of unattractive stains are coffee and tea, which will leave unsightly dark splotches on your teeth, but you should also avoid any dark sodas and red wines, which can pigment your teeth to match their own color.

Even natural drinks, while healthy and fun to prepare, might be worth considering in light of their staining potential. Cherry juices, grape juices, and even beet juice will leave your teeth a mess!

We recommend rinsing your mouth out immediately after snacking and brushing your teeth for the more difficult stains. For some deeper stains, a professional cleaning may be necessary. You're welcome to reach out to us for more advice if you have other questions regarding your stained teeth.

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