Reasons Why Not All Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Posted on 10/30/2010 by Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi
Reasons Why Not All Wisdom Teeth Are RemovedWisdom teeth surgery is one of the most common dental procedures and has become almost routine. It's not entirely regular, because there is always a risk with any operation that uses anesthesia to put a patient under while the procedure is taking place.

The reason most teenagers and young adults need to have their wisdom teeth removed is that they don't have enough room in their mouth for them and they can become impacted. When this happens, it causes pain and even an infection. Wisdom teeth are not significant compared to other teeth, and that is why our oral surgeons usually recommend extraction.

When Do You Get to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?

While the extraction of wisdom teeth is very common and most of the teens you know probably had or will have this surgery, some people won't. In 2011, 10 million wisdom teeth were removed in the United States.

The main reason for removal is that the teeth may become impacted, causing pain and infection if not removed, but this is only in theory. In 2008, the American Public Health Association (APHA), contradicted many of the reasons given for wisdom teeth removal, such as damage to the adjacent teeth or potential for periodontal disease.

In most cases, wisdom teeth removal is preventive, and according to some research, there is no way of knowing if problems will occur in the future. It is advisable to get one or two, second opinions before agreeing to wisdom teeth surgery.

The main reason for wisdom teeth surgery is to prevent potential problems like impacted teeth. However, you always need to make sure you need the surgery and ask all relevant questions, such as what happens if you don't have the procedure and how soon is it necessary.

If we can answer any of your questions about the need to have wisdom teeth removed, please let us know.

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